BARD Load Errors - Don't suffer in silence!

5 years 11 months ago #520 by patrick20k
When you start looking through your BARD load errors, it's easy to get overwhelmed. But I have good news: there are really only four kinds of errors, and they're all easy to fix.

First, an important tip to make sure your file loads correctly: DO NOT open the circ stats file that you download from BARD. Save it to your computer and load it directly.

Incorrect Patron ID
Error message example: Could not find Patron 87186.
If the patron's "CMLS ID" in BARD does not match their Barcode in KLAS, the tool that loads their BARD circulations will not be able to find their record. To correct this:
1. Use the CMLS ID listed in the error file to find the patron in BARD.
(If they have a blank CMLS ID, you will need NLS to look up their record using the other information in the error file.)
2. Use the patron's name and email from BARD to look up their record in KLAS.
3. Update one or the other so the two records match.
4. If you update the BARD record, we can correct the circ stats file to use the new ID. Email with:
  • the original, unopened circ stats file
  • the exported error file
  • the old and new IDs of the patron to fix

Incorrect Patron Media
Error message example: ?^?^ipLockRecord cannot find the 'bfPatMedium' record to lock.^ (...and then it carries on for a bit)
The patron must have the media type they've downloaded (either DB or BR) on their record for KLAS to be able to load the circulation. If they do not want regular service in that medium, you can set their service code to On Demand.

KLAS ID not found
Error message example: Could not find KLASID 99873.
There are always titles on BARD that are not in your catalog, usually because they are brand new and / or locally produced. To load those has-hads, contact ks7 to get a custom-made file of the missing MARC records that you can load (or if you are hosted by Keystone, have us load the titles into KLAS).

Serial ID or caption mis-match
Error message example: Could not compute the IssueName for Serial u-s-news.
It's common for the serials in KLAS and BARD to get out-of-sync. Send us your error file and the original, unopened circ stats and we can get them matched up again.

Finally, whatever kind of errors you encounter: once you've fixed the errors, send ks7 your error file. We can create a new file for you to load just the corrected lines, rather than having to wait for the full file to load again.

Have any questions or need more instruction on how to load your BARD circ stats? Just let us know!

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