A librarian stands behind a desk, helping a group of happy patrons.

Do you make use of the Front Desk module?

A recent update added the patron Contacts tab, replacing the address section of the Patron Data tab to ensure there are no discrepancies between the data stored in the Patron and Front Desk modules. We've also done some work to sync the functions available for the Service Queue and Orders tab, so everything you need is in both modules. 

All this got me thinking about the Front Desk more generally, and how it's used.

We created this module to (you guessed it) service a library's front desk, where staff need easy access to both quick check-in and check-out and basic patron maintenance functions. While the Front Desk module is designed for handling walk-ins, I think it's also great for those doing a mix of circulation and patron services, and who don't need or want to learn the full patron module. Part timers and volunteers may find Front Desk has everything they need, without as much of what they don't. 

To help those only needing to help the occasional walk-in at a front desk or an outreach event, we created the Front Desk Service Manual. While it does stray outside of the Front Desk module where needed, this guide is intended to grant quick-and-easy access to the top patron service functions. I hope it will help those who need a little refresher or a touchpoint as they perform occasional customer service tasks. It is formatted to be printed and put in a binder, but also intended to be Screen Reader friendly, with the keystrokes needed for an AT user to complete tasks just as conveniently as sighted users.

Initially targeted for a specific library with a higher need for it, I'm now putting it out for general use. Please let me know: is this missing any common tasks for front-desk, part time, or volunteer users? Do you need a Gutenberg version? Also, beyond the document itself, I'd love to hear if and how you use the Front Desk module!

Notes for printing: 

  • If printing for a binder, ensure all two-page sections will be open spreads by printing the first page single-sided. Then print pages 2-14 double-sided.
  • If you are not a Scribe library, remove those sections from the table of contents by deleting pages 13 and 14. Then right-click anywhere in the Contents section and select "update field."
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