Period Maintenance - New School Year

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Have you set up the new school year yet?

Each year, you need to create the record for the new fiscal year / school year using Period Maintenance. This should be done as soon as you start ordering materials for the next year, to ensure that everything is associated with the correct period.

You will also want to update your defaults. This can be done whenever you are ready--whether that's once the majority of your orders are for the next period, or when the fiscal calendar actually rolls over. In the Control Files for Module k7-MR, update the MRRptPeriodDefault to the correct value. If you use Front Desk checkout, make sure to update the CirPeriodID Control File for k7-CC as well.

The attached screenshots are an example of how this might look. Need a little help creating the new period or updating your defaults? Contact Ks7 or post your questions here!
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