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Homepage - group of people - thanks Pexels and Anna Shvets


  • 11/3/2021 KLAS IRC / IMC Users' Roundtable

    Bring your questions, great ideas & feedback to our next KLAS IRC Users' Roundtable to be held Nov 3 at 1:30 PM ET.

    The recording of the 11/3/2021 KLAS IRC / IMC Users' Roundtable hosted by Jared Leslie, AZ, and Jen Buzolich. CA is now available. This session was a place to share ideas and feedback following the APH conference, ask questions about new features and upcoming development, and an opportunity to connect with Keystone staff and other KLAS IRC users'. We hope you will be able to join us for our next IRC Roundtable after the new year!


  • 2018 Julie Klauber Award Finalists

    Keystone Systems and the 2018 Julie Klauber Award Committee are pleased to announce the two finalists for this year's Julie Klauber Award:

    • Janie Stanley, North Carolina Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
    • Nancy Reese, Idaho Commission for Libraries, Talking Book Service

    Congratulations to of each of you! You are a valuable asset to your library and your community. Also, thank you to everyone who took the time to submit a nomination.

    The recipient of the 2018 Julie Klauber Award will be announced in the near future.

  • 2018 KLAS Users' Conference Breakout Session Scheduling & Descriptions

    To register for breakout sessions:

    1. If you have not already, register for the 2018 KLAS Users' Conference.
    2. Review the scheduling and descriptions of breakout sessions in this article and / or in the 2018 KLAS Users' Conference Agenda & Daily Schedule and decide which ones you wish to attend.
    3. Complete and submit the 2018 KLAS Users' Conference Breakout Sessions Registration form.

    Breakout Sessions Scheduling:

    Birds of a Feather (BoaF), Workshop, and Hands-on Training sessions run concurrently.

    Birds-of-a-Feather (BoaF) sessions give participants the opportunity to exchange ideas in a group discussion setting. Topics range from making the most of KLAS features to exploring broader service-related ideas. These sessions are not formal presentations with slides or software demonstrations. Instead, the format is casual and open. Moderators launch the discussion and keep the conversation on topic. Participants are asked to come prepared to share and learn.

    Workshop sessions are presented by a Keystone and / or User presenter. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions throughout the session and may have limited opportunities to try the function or task on their own. These in-depth presentations of particular KLAS features and functions will demonstrate the cause and effect of employing different tools through the use of slides, live examples, and customer experiences.

    To participate in BoaF and Workshop sessions registration is not required, but is recommended. Please indicate which sessions you are interested in attending to help us with space planning.

    Hands-On Training sessions allow participants to use a workstation to explore a specific function, task, or feature in KLAS. After a brief introduction to the topic, participants will proceed through guided practice worksheets. Keystone trainers will be available to answer questions and provide feedback. Registration is required. Space in hands-on training is limited to 10 participants per session.

    When you register for breakout sessions, please prioritize the Hands-on Training sessions you want to attend. We make every effort to place you in one or two of your top choices. If all 10 slots are filled, waiting list order is determined by your registration request date. Session confirmations will be sent out after Friday, April 6. If you are not placed in a hands-on training class, you may choose to attend the BoaF or Workshop session scheduled for the same time. For space planning purposes, we ask you to indicate your preferences for these sessions as well.

            Birds of a Feather (BoaF)      Hands-on Training     Workshop 
    Tuesday 10:50 AM-Noon  KLAS Administrators  KLAS 102 Troubleshooting PCC
    Tuesday 3:50-5:00 PM Equipment Analyzing Your Circ Stats  New Features in KLAS
    Wednesday 10:50 AM-Noon 

    Instructional Resource / Materials Centers



    Wrangling Your NLS Data    Using KLAS with Social Media
    Wednesday 3:50-5:00 PM  Readers Advisors  Using the KLAS Batch Manager to Run Reports  Training Your Staff from the Ground Up 
    Thursday 10:50 AM-Noon Outreach  Un-Packing Your WebOPAC   While You Were Sleeping: The Nuts & Bolts of Nightly 

    Birds of a Feather, Hands-on Training, and Workshop Session Descriptions:

    Tuesday 10:50 AM-Noon

    • KLAS Administrators BoaF
    • KLAS 102 Hands-on Training - A "second semester class" for newer KLAS users. You've gotten your feet wet and learned the basics. Ready for the next step? Find out what common profile settings really mean, learn some tricks for doing common tasks faster, and get up to speed in time for the more advanced break-out sessions.
    • Troubleshooting PCC Workshop - Has your library hit a roadblock in Patron Centric Cartridge implementation? Are you considering making the transition but need more information? Join us to delve more deeply into the work being done behind the scenes.

    Tuesday 3:50-5:00 PM

    • Equipment BoaF
    • Analyzing Your Circ Stats Hands-on Training - Tracked vs Consumable? Why does it matter what range of KLAS IDs to use? Keystone staff will help explain the terms, conditions, and the ins and outs of circulation.
    • New Features in KLAS Workshop - Want to learn more about one of the features Nancy quickly highlighted in the general session earlier? Come to this workshop to learn more details, see demonstrations and ask questions about the new features in KLAS since our last conference.

    Wednesday 10:50 AM-Noon

    • Instructional Resource / Materials Centers BoaF
    • Circulation BoaF
    • Wrangling Your NLS Data Hands-on Training - Tame your NLS data problems in this hands-on workshop. Round up missing MARC records to resolve BARD Load errors, and wrestle NLS subjects into local subject codes. Search PIMMS to find the source of those maverick patron transfers, and import herds of Has Hads(no re-keying required). Even if this isn’t your first rodeo, Nancy can show you how to save time and whip your database into shape.
    • Using KLAS with Social Media Workshop - The how to’s and the why’s of social media. What makes for good social media posts? Come hear one library’s experience using certain channels to build on its presence and create a regular feature for outreach and library news. Those who attend are welcome to share their own experiences.

    Wednesday 3:50-5:00 PM

    • Readers Advisors BoaF
    • Using the KLAS Batch Manager to Run Reports Hands-on Training Discover how easy it is to use KLAS’ Batch Manager to run reports when you need them and share them with others.
    • Training Your Staff from the Ground Up Workshop - How do you help someone learn to work in an LBPH? Is it any easier with a seasoned pro vs. a recent MLS graduate? What training resources are available to teach staff about their position and the technology they will be using such as KLAS? Come and hear how one library does it, and share your thoughts and ideas.

    Thursday 10:50 AM-Noon

    • Outreach BoaF
    • Un-Packing Your WebOPAC Hands-on Training - Perhaps your library is considering an upgrade to KLAS WebOPAC v4. Maybe you have made the switch, but you’re ready to spice it up with features like up-to-date news and staff picks. This session will guide you through the setup and configuration of your online catalog.
    • While You Were Sleeping: The Nuts & Bolts of Nightly Workshop - Would you like to demystify the nightly processes that aid in book selection? In this workshop, you will learn how to customize your settings and make periodic adjustments to better serve your patrons and increase circulation.

    Wednesday Afternoon Seminar Scheduling:

    Seminar sessions are presented by a Keystone and / or User presenter in a small group setting. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions throughout the session but only the instructor has workstation access. These in-depth presentations of particular KLAS functions or topics make use of slides, live examples, and customer experiences to explore the defined topic.

    To participate in these sessions registration is not required, but is recommended. Please indicate which sessions you are interested in attending to help us with space planning.

            Seminar 1       Seminar 2         Seminar 3
    1:30-2:25 PM Fundraising or "Show Me the Money!" Creative Community Collaborations in Outreach & Social Media Queue Up! Maximizing Your RS Queue
    2:35-3:30 PM KLAS PCC in Idaho Serving Underserved Populations KLAS KLEAN - Maintaining a Healthy Database

    Seminar Descriptions:

    Wednesday 1:30-2:25 PM

    • Fundraising or "Show Me the Money!"- Join us for a panel discussion where we will explore essential tools necessary to break down the challenges you face finding funding for your library and creative budgeting tactics to survive on limited means.
    • Creative Community Collaborations in Outreach & Social Media - Partnering with community organizations, libraries, and agencies to cross-market and expand your services can be fun, cost-effective, and beneficial. Learn about real examples of collaborative social media campaigns and outreach events. Share your experiences and brainstorm other ways to network and build partnerships in support of your library, your patrons, and your community.
    • Queue Up! Maximizing Your RS Queue - The Reader Services Queue can be a valuable tool to find patrons who need service. For instance, automated messages can be sent when nightly processes did not find enough books to send. While this is a helpful feature, you don’t even have to wait for KLAS to put the words in your mouth! Find out how to use the RS Queue to both capture those who slipped through the cracks and to personalize service for patrons in a multitude of ways.

    Wednesday 2:35-3:30 PM

    • KLAS PCC in Idaho - Experience the thrill of victory as the story of Idaho's PCC implementation is described and lessons learned are shared.
    • Serving Underserved Populations - Discuss best practices as it relates to reaching out to the underserved populations such as rural, young adult, children, and foreign language patrons within the Talking Books community.
    • KLAS KLEAN - Maintaining a Healthy Database - Could your database use some clean-up? Learn the best way to efficiently keep it accurate and accessible. How to purge old records, spot errors and other problems that could cause issues. A guideline for when to do things based on experience.
  • 2018 KLAS Users' Conference Keynote Speaker

    2018 KLAS Users' Conference Keynote Speaker

    Ramona Walhof, Author and Advocate

    Ramona Walhof’s life journey has been a full and varied one.

    She grew up in Iowa during the 1950's when there was no regional library for the blind. In 1960 the regional library opened at the Iowa Commission for the Blind and quickly became the largest in the nation. She majored in Russian and minored in French at Georgetown University and later received a certificate in education from Boise State University.

    Ramona worked in rehab from 1972-1984 and then went into business from 1984 through 2007. Employment included teaching Braille, sewing, and managing food service operations, including a bakery.

    Civic activities include president of National Federation of the Blind Idaho for over a decade, beginning Idaho’s BELL (Braille Enrichment for Literacy and Learning) program, serving on the United Way of Boise Board, and travelling to many states speaking about challenges for the blind and advocating for blind services, especially the National Library Service. A true advocate for Braille, Ramona has written articles and books, including editing The Power of Love, How Kenneth Jernigan Changed the World for the Blind, a compilation of articles by those who knew and worked with Kenneth Jernigan.

    Ramona is trying to slow down in order to spend more time with her children and four grandchildren and of course, reading.

  • 2018 KLAS Users' Conference Presentations & Handouts

    Below are the presentations and handouts our presenters and moderators have sent us to date from the 2018 KLAS Users' Conference. Please feel free to download, print, and / or electronically access these presentations and handouts at your convenience.

  • 2019 APH KLAS Users' Meeting

    Diverse group of people meeting

    Staff of Instructional Resource / Materials Centers using KLAS met on Thursday, October 10 at the American Printing House for the Blind's annual meeting in Louisville, Kentucky. Below is the PowerPoint presentation in both PPTX and PDF formats.

    We also recorded the screen sharing and audio portion of the meeting.

  • 2019 Julie Klauber Award Finalists

    Keystone Systems and the 2019 Julie Klauber Award Committee are pleased to announce the three finalists for this year's Julie Klauber Award:

    • Brenda Boyd, South Carolina State Library Talking Books Services
    • Ruth Hemphill, Tennesee Library for Accessible Books & Media
    • Maggie Witte, Kansas Talking Book Services

    Congratulations to of each of you! You are each a valuable asset to your library and your community. Also, thank you to everyone who took the time to submit a nomination.

    The recipient of the 2019 Julie Klauber Award will be announced in the near future.

  • 2019 Julie Klauber Award Recipient - Brenda Boyd

    2019 Julie Klauber Award Recipient - Brenda Boyd

    The Julie Klauber Award Committee and Keystone Systems are pleased to announce Brenda Boyd, Reader Advisor, South Carolina State Library Talking Book Services, is the recipient of the 2019 Julie Klauber Award. It was an incredibly difficult decision, but we were thrilled to have had three wonderful finalists from which to choose. We look forward to honoring Brenda on June 4 during the Opening General Session of the 2019 KLAS Users' Conference in West Palm Beach, FL.

    This the nomination for Brenda submitted by Denise Lyons, Deputy Director of Statewide Development, South Carolina State Library:

    Reason for Nomination

    One of the most significant events that the State Library holds each year is the TBS Student Art Gallery and awards which is completely organized by Brenda Boyd. Children with different and special abilities, including a large number from the SC School for the Deaf & Blind, create pieces of art which are judged based on different age categories. All staff and people coming to the State Library are eligible to vote. The Director also selects a piece of art as a special recognition. It takes numerous months to plan such an event. There are the logistics of working with the art teachers well in advance of the contest and all the promotion needed to have the numerous selections. They need to be brought to the State Library for voting. After a month of voting, the winners are named in a press release and Brenda arranges the art on the first floor at the State Library, gallery style so that all may enjoy the art. All winners, families, and teachers are invited to the Awards Ceremony along with the TBS Advisory Board, patrons, and supporters. The awards are followed by a reception on the main floor. Staff help Brenda to implement a lovely and touching ceremony with the Agency Director as emcee and a guest speaker from the arts community. All participants receive some recognition. You can see albums of the last two awards here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/scsl/albums/72157679200574414 and https://www.flickr.com/photos/scsl/albums/72157692620252332. Staff attends the event and listens to guests talk about the importance of art for those with vision loss in particular and what inspires the young artists. Brenda coordinates the contest and the award ceremony each year and has done for several years. It is a program that has been copied by other State Library Talking Books Services. Brenda is a very strong advocate for the program and does tremendous work behind the scenes so that on the day of the event, everything looks lovely and runs smoothly. Art is celebrated and the artists and their supporters are recognized. The event is personal and heartwarming, and this spirit, the spirit of Julie Klauber, is in Brenda Boyd.

    Effect on Library

    Brenda’s ability to provide excellent service means that she takes as many calls a day as possible. The Readers Advisors take thousands of calls per month and there are only five RAs on staff. She provides regular and consistent information provided in a kind way to connect with the patron. We receive numerous recommendations from families who lose loved ones that used the service and from patrons themselves. Some comments from recent appreciation letters include “My grandmother is 93 years old and these books on tape are her LIFE,” wrote one patron while another expressed: “Thank you for sending me your Talking Books. They mean the world to me.” Finally, one gentleman in the southern part of the state wrote about his mother who passed, and he said “I want you to know how valuable this service is to those who cannot see.” Even one of our Library Board members recently wrote, “I can’t thank everyone for giving (name) her only pleasure these last several months. She lived with anticipation of the blue boxes in her mailbox. We are HUGE champions for this service.” Patrons sent donations to TBS based on appreciation for Brenda’s service, including one patron who stated they will set up a memorial in their will. This important service, running a special library within a library, is crucial to the culture of the State Library. We believe in serving the underserved and value inclusivity and accessibility in all we do. In the past few years, the TBS team has created a strong outreach program with accessible kits called the technology petting zoo, of which Brenda helps take into the field. They are working across departments to promote the service with the Communications Team and create an accessibility team with the Diversity and Inclusive Services consultant, part of the Library Development staff. These kind of cross-departmental programs are important for Agency staff to learn about the work of Talking Books and the patrons they serve. It is not only a mandate of ours but one we passionately embrace. For many staff, Brenda’s experience on the TBS team often makes her a great representative from TBS for committees and projects.

    Job Responsibilities

    Brenda is a Reader Advisor for the Talking Books Services department. Every day she provides assistance on the telephone to patrons to who call for a variety of services provided by the department. The TBS program is a lifeline for many elderly patrons who only have access to the talking book library (which includes digital and cassette recorders, large print, and braille collections) because it comes directly to their home. Others are restricted by health issues and cannot take advantage of traditional library service. Of the more than five thousand of TBS patrons, 226 are children. Being able to have a reliable system to access the information and connect to patrons preferences is an extremely important part of this very personal service. KLAS is most unique in this way and enables Brenda to be able to have reliable technology and a supportive community that assists the work serving our blind and physically handicapped community. Brenda is an active and knowledgeable user of the system, and participates in ongoing continuing education to increase her knowledge of the system and work of the Talking Books service.

    Additional Comments

    Brenda has been a wonderful asset to this agency, its work, and the work of Talking Books Services. Her dedication is unparalleled. She represents librarianship and its values in the best way, and stands as a model for others in the agency and across all libraries and service organizations. Thank you for your consideration.

  • 2019 KLAS Users' Conference Follow-up Survey

    Did you attend last year's KLAS Users' Conference? If so, please help us dream a little about the future while also sharing your experience from the 2019 conference in West Palm Beach.

    Have you attended one of the Keystone hosted webinars in the past year but did not attend the conference or want to attend a webinar or suggest / attend other off-conference year content? If so, please take a few minutes to fill out the survey – we have questions for you too and the information you will provide is valuable! What will work for you as a means of connecting in the years without a conference?

    We are in the early stages of planning online programming for 2020 and for our 2021 conference and sincerely appreciate your feedback about possible topics for each which…

    …you can add to our 2019 KLAS Users’ Conference Follow-up Survey!

  • 2019 KLAS Users' Conference Menus

    Below are the menus for any meals provided during the 2019 KLAS Users' Conference. We have tried to accommodate specified food sensitivities / allergies. Please contact if you have any questions.

    Tuesday South of the Border Fajita Bar Lunch

    • Southwestern Salad with
      • Black beans
      • Avocado
      • Corn
      • Tomatoes
      • Shredded cheese
    • Marinated grilled flank steak
    • Grilled chicken
    • Sauteed peppers and onions
    • Flour tortillas
    • Chips and Salsa
    • Mexican Rice
    • Beans
    • Churros

    Tuesday Evening Welcome Reception Dinner

    • Paella Valenciana includes:
      • Squid
      • Chicken
      • Fish
      • Mussels
      • Shrimp
      • Scallops
      • Clams
      • Roasted Pepper
      • Peas
    • Paella Vegetariana includes:
      • Green olives
      • Mixed Vegetables
      • Roasted Pepper
    • Green Salad Station with
      • Spring Mix lettuce
      • Tomatoes
      • Cucumber
      • Cheese
      • Olives
      • Sliced Almonds
      • Pecans
    • Bread and Butter
    • Charcuterie Station includes:
      • 11 different kinds of cheese
      • 3 different types of meat
      • Tapas
      • Olives
      • Crackers
      • Fruits
      • Nuts
    • Tea, water, and lemonade
    • Beer and wine

    Wednesday Florida Lifestyle Lunch

    • Fresh Garden Salad with
      • Mixed greens
      • Tomato
      • Cucumber
      • Carrots
    • Choice of Balsamic or Ranch Dressing
    • Blackened Fresh Grouper with a mango salsa
    • Freshly pressed Cuban sandwiches
    • Creamy cole slaw
    • Authentic black beans
    • Fluffy white rice
    • Key lime pie or Strawberry shortcake


  • 2019 KLAS Users' Conference Overview Schedule & Agenda

    Note: These documents are subject to change prior to the conference and you must be logged-in to klasusers.com to access them.

    2019 KLAS Users' Conference Overview Schedule


    Here's the latest overview schedule document for the 2019 KLAS Users' Conference in MS Word and PDF formats now including all general and breakout sessions as well as pre-conference sessions!

    2019 KLAS Users' Conference Agenda


    The conference agenda includes all pre-conference sessions and all general and breakout conference sessions as well as session descriptions, presenters, and locations. It is available in MS Word and PDF format.


  • 2019 KLAS Users' Conference Presentations

    We've uploaded all presentations for the 2019 KLAS Users' Conference submitted to date to a folder on Keystone's Google Drive and are working to link them into the conference app.

    Also, we will be adding a link for each presentation below listed by day:

    Monday Pre-Conference


    General Sessions

    Breakout Sessions


    General Sessions

    Breakout Sessions

    Seminar Sessions


    General Sessions

    Breakout Sessions

    Reference Documents

    KLAS Users Directory
    KLAS v7 System Recommendations
    KLAS Windows Server Requirements
    KLAS Linux Server Requirements


  • 2020 APH KLAS Users' Meeting

    Diverse group of people meeting

    Staff of Instructional Resource / Materials Centers using KLAS met for a virtual session on Thursday, October 9 during the Online American Printing House for the Blind's 2020 annual meeting. Below is the PowerPoint presentation Keystone shared in both PPTX and PDF formats:

  • 2021 KLAS Users' Conference & COVID-19

    A statement regarding the 2021 KLAS Users' Conference & COVID-19:

    With the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to assure you the Logistics Committee is taking the utmost precautions in preparation for the 2021 KLAS Users' Conference.

    While you have seen information for an in-person conference, the Committee has not ruled out the need to go virtual depending on the pandemic and possible travel restrictions and concerns many of the users may have. Moving forward, the Logistics Committee will continue to monitor the situation and will make a final determination on an in-person, hybrid, or virtual conference by May 1, 2021.


    Jennifer Buzolich, President, KLAS Users' Group & Chandra Thornton, Chair, Logistics Committee

  • 5/1/2024 Issuing MoC Webinar

    A Zoom screenshot from the Issuing Magazines on Cartridge webinar show presenter Katy Patrick in the upper right corner and the KLAS Serials Module taking up the rest of the image.

    On May 1, 2025 we got together and talked magazines on cartridge (MoC)! We shared the current status and coming improvements, answered questions, and did our best to start you out on the right foot. As usual, this session was recorded for those who can't join us live.

    • What: Issuing Magazines on Cartridge (MoC) Webinar
    • Presenter: Katy Patrick,Technical Writer, Keystone Systems
    During this webinar we maxed out the 100 attendee limit on Zoom for the first time, so we tried upping our max to 500 as it was ongoing, which required us to stop and restart the webinar in our attempt. We recommend watching Part 2 first which has the vast majority of the information presented. Part 1 is the first 15 minutes prior to restarting.

    5/1/24 Issuing Magazines on Cartridge (MoC) Webinar Part 2 

    5/1/24 Issuing Magazines on Cartridge (MoC) Webinar Part 1  

    Query to find BARD Only Patrons with Active Subscriptions

    Here's the query Erin, AZ, requested during the webinar to find BARD Only patrons with active subscriptions:

    Quick Search-

    • Main Status | Equals | a

    Advanced Search-

    • Media | Pat Medium | Equals | db
    • Media | ServeCode | Equals | bard [or "ob" or whatever code is used for "BARD only" patrons]
    • Subscription | KLAS ID | [see below]
    • Subscription | End Date | Is Blank

    For the subscription IDs, either use "In" and a comma-separated list of all MoC Serials
    use "Not In" and a list of the most common non-MoC serials, ex: SER-TBT2,SER-TBT4,SER-TBN2,SER-TBN9,SER-DDB9,SER-NWL8,SER-CAW1,SER-CAP1,SER-VET9,SER-CAL2

    This query is not perfect, but it should give you a reasonable list of BARD-only patrons with active subscriptions (which may or may not be MoC serials) for you to review.

    Bear in mind that these patrons have been receiving MoC Direct serials despite their BARD Only status, and may want to continue receiving them.

  • Birds of a Feather Moderator Guidelines

    Birds of a Feather Moderator Guidelines
    1. Be quiet. Your job is to help the conversation happen.
    2. Be firm. Let them know you are the leader and hope to make this worthwhile.
    3. Be prepared. Know the subject. It is hard to steer a discussion that you don't understand. Have ready possible questions, or whatever conversation starters you think will work.
    4. Be able to multitask. This is a biggie. You will need to listen to the current discussion, while watching the time, how long the current discussion has gone on, and how to move on.
    5. Be deferential. You're not the star. The audience is. You're just there to keep things moving along.
    6. Keep on track. While you're not the star, you need to be the audience's advocate on time, answers, and issues. Cut off chatterers. Cut off discussion if it is going on too long or off track. Indicate that maybe this topic is something to bring up at the end of the session or in another venue.
    7. Be timely. This is so important. Get the session started on time, keep it moving, and get it done on time. Let people see you confidently keep the discussion moving.
    8. Be fun. If you don't have fun, your panel won't have fun, and your audience won't have fun. The world does not need more unfun conference panels.


    • Have two moderators. Depending on the group’s size split the group for a period of time and then meet together as whole for a group wide discussion.
    • Have something to give to those willing to participate. It doesn’t have to be much or expensive, e.g. penny candy, pencils, bookmarks, etc. Reward those who are willing to talk.

    Adapted from: 10 Rules for Being a Great Panel Moderator (Accessed: December 4, 2008)

  • FINAL UPDATE 4/30: 2018 KLAS Users' Conference Agenda & Daily Schedule

    FINAL UPDATE 4/30: 2018 KLAS Users' Conference Agenda & Daily Schedule

    The 2018 KLAS Users' Conference finalized Agenda and Daily Schedule documents are now available for your planning convenience in MS Word and .pdf formats. Register online now for the 2018 KLAS Users' Conference and join us in Boise, ID May 8-10.

    Also, don't forget to register for your choice of breakout sessions including birds-of-a-feather, seminar, workshop, and hands-on opportunities.

    Note: You must be logged into klasusers.com to access these documents.

    Finalized Conference Agenda Published: 4/30/18

    Finalized Conference Daily Schedule Published: 4/24/18

  • IRC Symposium

    Keystone is offering a two-day in-depth training, round-table, and user feedback opportunity for KLAS Instructional Resource Center / Instructional Materials Center Users. An agenda with full details of each day's activities will be available soon.

    Note: Keystone reserves the right to cancel or reschedule.

    Prerequisites for attendance:

    • Attendee must have a KLAS Administrator role in their local system
    • Attendee has authority to change records and policies for their KLAS system

    KLAS IRC Symposium Dates & Times:

    • Tuesday, October 29 - Wednesday, October 30, 2019
    • Each day's sessions will run from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

    KLAS IRC Symposium Agenda

    IRC Symposium agenda updated as of October 14, 2019. Also, you must be logged-in to klasusers.com to access these documents.


    • $300 for the two-day symposium
    • Please make checks payable to Keystone Systems, Inc

    Hotels & Airport Transportation Information:


    Please contact your hotel to arrange shuttle service to and from the airport.
    Local transportation to and from the hotel to Keystone's offices will be provided.

    Please contact Tracey Fye if you have any difficulty making reservations, or have any questions about accommodations.

    Tracey Fye
    Keystone Systems, Inc.
    Phone: 1-919-782-1143 or 1-800-222-9711


    Please use the below Training Registration Form to indicate that you would like to attend.

    To reserve your space please register before September 30, 2019.

  • KLAS UC 2019 Special Guests

    Carmencita Mitchell, 2019 KLAS Users' Conference Keynote Speaker

    Carmencita Mitchell, 2019 KLAS Users' Conference Keynote Speaker

    Carmencita, originally from New York, has made Palm Beach County her home for the past 16 years. She holds a baccalaureate degree in Humanities from New York University, an MA in English from St. John’s University, and an M. Ed in Higher Education Leadership from Lynn University. She has taught English Composition, Literature, Business Writing, and Public Speaking at several universities. She was a former faculty member of the American University of Nigeria where she held rank as full-time faculty, Director of the Writing Center, and teacher at the university high school.

    Among her many research interests include: alternative modalities and composition pedagogy, including metaphysics and metacognition, medical humanities, yoga, and somatic studies, the philosophical constructs of the 18th century French Salon, and cultural studies.

    She volunteers at and is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Lighthouse for the Blind of the Palm Beaches. Carmencita was also appointed by the Palm Beach Board of County commissioners to the Palm Tran Service Board (PTSB)--and its two standing subcommittees--where she represents the disabled community at public meetings on issues of transportation. She has recently been elected Chair of that Board. Carmencita is also a member of the president’s advisory panel for the Hadley Institute for the Blind, where she offers advice on pedagogical improvements for the blind and visually impaired.Carmencita is presently an adjunct professor in the departments of communications, and developmental studies respectively at Palm Beach State College where she holds the distinction as the college’s first, visually impaired faculty member.

    Finally, in addition to her academic pursuits and civic duties, Carmencita is also an approved Silver Sneakers Fitness and dance instructor and holds various certifications in yoga and group fitness as well as certifications in CPR, AED, and First Aid from the American Heart Association.
    In her spare time, Carmencita enjoys yoga and reading Talking Books. She is devoted to the cause of helping the Blind and Visually Impaired community enjoy the “greatest quality of Life”.

    Helene Kaufman Lundstrom, Welcome Reception Entertainment

    KLAS UC 2019 Special GuestsHelene grew up in Bara, Sweden. Singing, dancing, and acting have been a big part of Helene’s life since childhood. She started singing in the church choir at age 11, the choir traveled around the country to perform. Around the same age, she joined a local acting group that worked on acting technique and improv when they had their classes. Helene got her first leading role in one of their musicals at the age of 14.

    At age 14 Helene started taking voice lessons at the University of Music in Malmo where she studied for 3 years. She kept taking voice lessons, studying with 8 different teachers through her years of studying. Her real passion for dance started at age 11 when she started taking classes on a weekly basis, taking as many classes as time would allow :)

    After finishing her performing arts-based high school Helene auditioned for the Ballet Academy in Gothenburg (Musical theater program) and she got in. Shortly after moving back home to Malmo she got the lead role as the Narrator in “Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamboat”, she played the role for 2 years to sold-out houses.

    Helene got her big break as a singer/actress in 1995 when she was hired to do the voice over for Walt Disney’s movie, Pocahontas, in her native language, Swedish. In 1998 Helene was hired for Pocahontas II as well. Helene has also appeared in several episodes of TV's Disney’s Little Mermaid.

    Helene’s passion for all 3 art forms, singing, dancing, and acting brought a clear path to musical theatre.
    Helene’s favorite voice teacher, Jack Abraham, was the one, alongside with acting coach David Brunetti, the ones that started Helene’s journey to the US and the way into the USA was through AMDA in NYC.

    In 2003 Helene met her husband while singing at the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, FL and the following year made the move from NYC to Palm Beach.

    After moving to FL Helene was working in musicals mainly but then moved into more of the band scene and corporate events, some of the places Helene has been seen at is The Breakers, Brazilian Court, The Colony, The Ritz, Hard Rock Casino, Isle Casino, The Addison, Club 21 in NYC and many more places.In 2007 Helene had the opportunity to open for Andrea Bocelli at a private birthday party in Fort Lauderdale.

    Though classically trained, she is truly authentic and comfortable in any genre, pop, jazz, R&B, Broadway and classical. She has been able to be apart of musicals, corporate bands, voice over’s and being a studio session singer. In 2012 Helene was accepted into the Palm Beach Opera Chorus, she spent 5 years with the opera and did 8 operas at the beautiful Kravis center in West Palm Beach.

    Early in her career, the following has been written in the Swedish press about Helene during her run in “Joseph” as the Narrator. “The Narrator, Helene Lundstrom, is blessed with a tremendously beautiful voice. The text is delivered in such a crystal clear fashion that not a single syllable is lost. She commands the stage with a natural, friendly presence.” “The Narrator, Helene Lundstrom, gives a flawless performance with regard to both acting and singing”

    Helene got the Jullan Kindahl Grant in 1995. “Helene Lundstrom, the narrator in “Joseph” received SEK 5000, the reason for choosing her is as follows: An amateur who became a professional through her humble presence and strong charisma”

    Praised by Disney; “Disney translator, Monica Forsberg was looking for new talent for the new Walt Disney movie Pocahontas. Helene was the perfect match. Disney in the U.S heaps praise on the young Swede, and say that she is the best foreign Pocahontas they have heard.”


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