Do you need a new shelf?

6 years 3 months ago #461 by patrick20k
I'm not talking about furniture--your KLAS database is set up with one or more "shelves" so you can record where your books and other items are stored. Some libraries or IRCs use many shelves, others get by with very few. How many you need depends on how your material is organized and used.

Besides adding a new wing to your library (we can all dream, right?), there are a couple reasons why you might consider adding a new Shelf to your set-up.

One - Apply different Circ policies
Are there some books (such as the Bible or the Complete Works of Shakespeare) that should have an extended check-out period? Maybe you want the latest bestsellers to have a limit on how many can go to one patron? An easy way to set up these kinds of circulation exceptions is to place those items on a dedicated shelf.

Two - Exclude from XESS reports
Similarly, you can exclude titles from reports, such as those used to identify items for weeding, by excluding the Shelf where you store "Classics" you want to keep.

If either of these cases sound like something you need, contact Customer Support for guidance in creating a new shelf and moving titles to it. And chime in! Do you have any "special case" shelves?

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