Administrators: How and Why to use Security Groups

5 years 11 months ago #523 by patrick20k
In the Security Control administration function, you can assign a Security Group to each user with a KLAS log-in. This is a powerful option that many admins don't know much about, so here's a brief run-down:

Block certain functions for certain users
If you create Security Groups for different user types in your library, you can allow or disallow access to KLAS functions for all the users in that group at one time, rather than having to set up each person individually.
For example, you could create:
  • a "Clerk" Security Group that does not have permission to change patron details at all
  • a "Reader Advisor" group that can change most patron details but not their Main Status
  • an "Admin" group that can change anything.
If you change your mind later, you can still make the change just once and push it out to every user in that Security Group. Also, when you have a change of personnel, you can add your new user to the appropriate group and apply the security settings to get them set up the same way as their predecessor.

Share saved queries
When you save a query, you have the option of designating one or more Security Groups to share it with. Using the example below, you could save a Summer Reading query and share it with all of your clerks, and a Patron Profile Quality Control query and share it with all of your RAs.
The users who can benefit from a saved query have access to it, without it being "in the way" for other users with different job functions.

As always, Customer Support is happy to help you manage your settings--but when you don't know what the options are, it's hard to know what to ask us for. If this tip was news to you, consider joining us for Administrator Training to learn more!

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