Reserves and NSCutoff

5 years 11 months ago #525 by patrick20k
Many libraries are set up so that a reserve goes out as soon as it is available, regardless of how many other things a patron might already have checked out. This includes standard reserves, web "rush" reserves, and series reserves. This set-up ensures that patrons get their most-wanted books as soon as possible, but it can be a problem if you sign someone up for 12 series while they already have 7 books out. All of a sudden they are up to 12 books over their limit.

You can also configure the system to indicate that Reserves MUST obey the NSCutoff – i.e., that even if there are copies available to go out, the assignment won’t happen if that assignment puts the patron over their NSCufoff. This ensures that patrons won't be "flooded" if a number of their outstanding reserves come back at once or if they are signed up for multiple series. Because patrons with OnDemand service recieve reserves and not requests (due to the differences is how reserves and requests are filled), the only way to enforce their cutoff is to make Reserves obey the NS Cutoff.

There are "pros" and "cons" to each approach--which is why we offer you the choice. If you're considering making the switch, remember that this will affect all of your patrons. And as always: get in touch if you have questions, want to talk through the options, or would like a hand changing your settings!


Reserves ignore NSCutoff:
  • Patrons get their most wanted titles ASAP
  • Patrons get the next book in their series no matter what else they have out
  • Gives patrons (through the "rush" OPAC option) and RAs the power to override the cutoff just by making a title a Reserve

Reserves obey NSCutoff:
  • Patrons can't be flooded by reserves
  • Can sign up a patron for more series at once and let them recieve a mix over time
  • OnDemand patrons can build a request-list of Reserves and still limit how many they receive at once
  • Patrons can't "game" the system and have all the books, all the time

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5 years 11 months ago #526 by LBPH
Replied by LBPH on topic Reserves and NSCutoff
I before E accept after C (as in receive):)

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5 years 11 months ago #527 by patrick20k
Replied by patrick20k on topic Reserves and NSCutoff
I thought I fixed that! :ohmy:
Thanks for the catch! You get extra points for reading so closely ;)

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