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When a patron requests multiple subject preferences, the time needed to add each one individually adds up, and it is easy to miss the “exclusion” checkbox. Also, because many patrons request certain popular subjects, it can feel like you are putting in all of that work over and over… but there’s another way!

To use Quick Preferences, you will need to know the Codes for the preferences you wish to add. You can either export a list of all the subject codes used in your library’s cataloging, or you can look up the codes for the preferences you use the most (such as the subjects listed on your library’s application form) and manually add the less common preferences. Once you have created a list of preference Codes, keep it on hand and share it with the other RAs at your library.

From then on:
  1. On the patron's Preference tab, press Ctrl+Alt+N to open Quick Preferences
  2. Enter the Codes for all of the patron's desired preferences
  3. Create exclusions by adding an exclamation point before the Code.
  4. Click Save. All of the preferences and exclusions will be added to the patron's profile in the order they were listed.
Detailed instructions, including how to generate a list of the Codes used by your library, are in the attached document.
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