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Do you have questions about equipment or patron transfers in KLAS or just feel a little uncertain? Not sure how PIMMS factors into the equation, or what to do if a patron is transferring out of the country?

The new KLAS Transfers Manual aims to answer those questions and more!

Like the Reader Advisors Manual and the Front Desk Manual, this document was designed for easy reference both in print and digitally. We also made every effort to insure this document is accessible for AT users, though the AT Reference Guide may still be helpful in providing additional screen context and description.

A few tips for using this manual:

  • If printing, I recommend printing the first page single-sided, and the rest of the document double-sided for the best formatting. 
  • If annotating the file to add local policies, consider using Word's comments feature which will maintain the pagination, plus make your comments stand out for easy identification.
  • If using the manual in Word, turn on an interactive index by selecting the View ribbon, then marking the Navigation Pane checkbox. In the document itself, Ctrl-Click any section or page reference to jump to that section (including from the Table of Contents).
  • If using the manual in a PDF reader, the interactive index and hyperlinked references should be available by default (depending on the program used). 

I hope this manual will prove helpful for all your patron and equipment transfers!

Last Updated 10/25/2023

Did I miss something? Let me know! 

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maureen replied the topic:
10 months 2 days ago
This is awesome! Thank you so much!