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Do you ever find yourself with two records for the same patron? The Merge Patron tool will help you copy information between these records and get all of the patron's info in one place.

In addition to those inevitable duplicate records, this tool is helpful when reinstating a patron that has been deleted in PIMMS. The PIMMS database does not have any way to reactivate records--once a patron is marked deleted on the PIMMS tab, you must create a new record for them. Fortunately, the Merge Patron tool can easily move their Has-Hads, Requests, and other information to the new record.

Please note that the Merge Patron tool cannot copy a patron's Comments, and is frequently not configured to copy a patron's Contacts (as it is more often used to merge in the history of older accounts, which are unlikely to have correct contact information). Make sure to always look through the records for any additional information that should be copied and pasted into the new record!

See the attached QuickTip for step-by-step instructions on how to use the Merge Patrons tool, and as always: post here, give us a call, or email ks7 if you have questions or would like assistance!

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