Picture of Keystone staff and their partners sitting at a long table in a private dining room during their 2023 Holiday Dinner held at Cafe Luna.

Keystone has some annual holiday celebrations during the month of December that give our staff and families an opportunity to gather together, enjoy some delicious food, reflect on what we've accomplished over the last year, and discuss what might be possible in the next. This year, our Holiday Dinner and our office potluck / white elephant gift exchange happened on consecutive days.

On the evening of Tuesday, December 19, we gathered around a long table in a private room at Cafe Luna in downtown Raleigh for an evening of wonderful Italian food. The conversation was lively and everyone enjoyed the opportunity to catch up on the lives of our coworkers outside of the office.

Keystone staff and spouses gathered around a table. In the foreground are Katharina and Katy, further in are Tracey, Brian, Marion and her husband, George, Lee and his wife, and John with his wife. Nancy is at the far end of the table.

Just after noon on Wednesday, December 20, we gathered in our project area for our annual office potluck. We are always impressed by the variety of choices once everyone's contribution is added to the buffet spread. Our staff even thoughtfully create dishes taking into account known food allergies and sensitivities, so there's something to appeal to everyone and no one goes hungry!

A long table with various casserole dishes, bowls, and two croc pots. George brought John Owen's traditional soup, and other highlights included chicken, sweet potatoes, rosemary bread, and meat and cheese boards.

After our potluck lunch, we do a white elephant / dirty Santa gift exchange. Our rules are: only one steal per gift per round, and everything's in play until the person with the last number's round. Does your organization do a white elephant exchange? If so, what are your rules?

An angled view of the staff gathered around the conference table as they finish of their lunch. A pile of gifts waits temptingly in the middle.

I hope you enjoyed a brief look at some of this year's Keystone holiday celebrations. Hopefully, your year end also included festive gatherings such as ours, or at least some good rest and relaxation.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from all of us!

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